The last stretch has been a blur. I hosted a bridal shower for my wonderful Dani, and we drove up to Modesto to visit Slentz and Salpy and meet their tiny swaddled baby, who let me hold him basically the entire 36 hours we were there, and now M and I both have wicked baby fever, which is a problem for people who just landed in New York and now are going to run around looking at apartments. I want to break that run-on sentence into at least two blog posts, because both were hugely important events (to me, maybe not in the cosmic sense) but right now I am so hyped on being in New York that I can’t concentrate on anything else.

Ok fine, one baby picture.


I know. Why are all my friends having such cute babies? We’re like 5/5 now, and my defenses are slipping. But more on this later.

Because New York! We arrived last night, and both immediately felt like we’d “come back.” Not “come home,” because obviously this is not our home (yet). But walking around Brooklyn in the dark and the mostly melted snow was just a sensory shot of Beacon Hill straight to the cortex. Even the carpet on the creaky stairs in the apartment building where we’re staying…we’ve been here before. And we loved it. And now we’re diving in for East Coast Life: Part 2 and it’s going to be so totally fun except apparently a thing exists called “apartment centipedes?” We’ll address this later, I guess. Right now we’re just concentrating on soaking it all in and remembering how to live mostly in boots. (Even if M has yet to get into the groove of wearing a jacket or scarf, because apparently he’s relying on his sheer testosterone to shield him from Weather. Tiny swaddled baby steps.)

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  • http://www.betsytransatlantically.blogspot.com/ Betsy Transatlantically

    oh YAY for being in New York and feeling like it is Your Place! hope today’s snow isn’t too much of a bad thing?

    • http://www.jbound.com/ Julie

      Today it’s fine, just freezing. Yesterday with the snow blowing sideways into everyone’s eyes? Not so much. Yay for adaptation! I hope!

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