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Like everyone else in the universe (at least in January), staying fit is one of my huge priorities. It’s not really about resolutions, though. It’s just that feeling like I fit right in my own body is crucial to my mental health. So, I’m constantly trying to iron out the kinks in my workout routine to make sure that working/blogging/drinking wine don’t get in the way of being a physical person.

The problem is, since college (when I was a dance major and pranced around all day for exercise) I just haven’t been able to get in a serious groove. There are intense Crossfit periods that last about a minute. You never leave one of those workouts wondering what could have been, that’s for sure. You do start to get a little . . . muscle-bound (or “buildy,” as we call it in this house). As a dancer, that just does not sit right. So, I’ll rebound to something lengthening, like yoga, which is great for the first bit. I can never raise my arms to the wheel to drive home after the first class, and how can you not respect a workout that makes you John McCain in stretchy pants? But after about two classes, I’m distracted and want a workout where I can push myself, get all sweaty and see the crazy raspberry color in my face that tells me I’ve gone as far as I can.

So, I bought a gym membership to the place down the street. I can run there (and I can’t run very far), so no excuse about not having enough time is going to let me off the hook. The question is, what do I do when I get there? I’ve been modifying some Crossfit workouts, but I can’t do any of the lifts, so that eliminates like 65% of the daily WODs. That makes me so sad, because I love the planning Crossfit provides: I get so much more out of a workout when I don’t have to think about what it is I’m doing; if I have to do 25 squats, I’ll do them, but if I’m just making it up as I go along, I’ll stop when I’m tired at 15. I have a decent amount of willpower, but I fall apart without structure.

So, a call for inspiration. Where do you get your workout plans? And, perhaps more importantly, where do you get your workout pants? If I’m being real here, cute workout gear will get me to the gym more reliably than anything else. You just have to know yourself, man.

Boston Common

 (Wishing this morning that I could run through here . . . hear that, California? When people start reminiscing about Boston weather, it is time to get your act together.)

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  • http://leanerbythelake.com leaner by the lake

    everyone and their brother will tell you to spend your paycheck at LuLu Lemon. Instead, I’m going to recommend Old Navy. SERIOUSLY. It’s super affordable and good quality. I buy their compression leggings for working out and have been wearing the same few pairs every week for the past year. They’ve also got a nice key pocket on the back and safety strips if you’re running at night.


  • http://leanerbythelake.com leaner by the lake
    • http://www.jbound.com Juleson

      Thank you! I’ve walked into Lululemon full of intent several times, and then I just cannot get myself to purchase anything. I want to believe they’re worth it, but I’d need a few more testimonials first. The Old Navy stuff looks great!

      • http://leanerbythelake.com leaner by the lake

        well i can’t even SPELL it, so clearly i’m not even in teh game. HAHA. just died over my typo!

        let me know if you jump on board with ON!

  • http://humblefoodie.com Alicia

    Okay…Lululemon pants are magical. I know, I know, they are grossly overpriced, but they do have a way of making everyone’s butt look amazing! Maybe those could be a splurge or a gift while you get the cute ON clothes Eileen suggested. I also love Patagonia sports bras (on the pricier end) as well as the total steal Champion brand sold at Target. Great workout clothes will always motivate me, but now it needs to stop snowing in Chicago so I have motivation to leave my house at all!

    • http://www.jbound.com Juleson

      Do you have a particular type of Lululemons you like? I walk in and get so overwhelmed.

    • http://leanerbythelake.com eileen ragan | leanerbythelake

      Alicia speaks the truth, your booty will look amazing :)

      I second the motion on Champion gear. They have fantastic jersey shorts with a really cute rollover flap at the waist as well as some fun running shorts that look really similar to the Nike ones i’ve been lusting after.

      and WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS CHICAGO WEATHER. ice storm, spring time, blizzard.

      • http://www.jbound.com Juleson

        Yeah, you guys need to get that under control. I want to come visit some friends, and there’s no way I’m signing up for a blizzard.

  • http://hithaonthego.com/ Hitha | Hitha On The Go

    I have to echo the Old Navy workout pants (and their whole line, really). AWESOME quality and value.

    I recently read 5 Factor Fitness and the program has quickly become my favorite. It’s manageable (25 minute workout a day, 5 days a week) and you start to see results pretty quickly. I’ve also started taking dance classes again, which is both creatively fulfilling and a butt-kicking workout.

    • http://www.jbound.com Juleson

      Thank you, Hitha! I’ll have to check that out. And yes, totally agree on the dance classes. Ballet’s been a once a week thing for me for a while, but I should probably bump that up.

  • Salpy

    Gap pants. Pilates. I need to do more, and I plan on getting dance in there but that’s for the future when my work schedule and Pilates schedule are more figured out

    • http://www.jbound.com Juleson

      You go, girl :) I love GAP pants.

  • Mallory

    The lululemon wunder under pants are the best – they make your butt look amazing and they look like normal leggings if you want to run errands after your workout. There is a brand called Zella that is a legit copy of lululemon for a cheaper price point. It’s sold at Nordstrom.

    As for exercise, check out a barre class. Great toning and lengthening and they tell you exactly what to do.


    • http://www.jbound.com Juleson

      I’m definitely going to check both of those options out!

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